HEAD START here we come!

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Hi!  I’m Susan Urell, the author of “MolarTron & Friends!”

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month this February, I am going to do presentations at Head Start Academy beginning in Columbus, Ohio!  I’m thrilled to have been invited to come and show kids the basic skills of brushing and flossing, plus we’ll be discussing both good and bad sugars and why it’s so important to brush for two minutes twice a day.  I’ve created a special program just for pre-school aged kids!  I will also be reading the MolarTron & Friends!  Starring LUCY TOOFY brushing book to the kids in class.

As a dental hygienist who lovingly serves the public, it is my mission with “MolarTron & Friends!” to empower ALL kids with knowledge so they have a fighting chance to take care of themselves.  Not all kids are privileged enough to see a dentist routinely, and it’s for these kids that MolarTron exists.  THANK YOU to programs such as HEAD START who give me the opportunity to help them help kids!

See you in class!



Remember to brush your Tonga Tunga!