Fan Mail & Thank You Notes

Hello! I’m Suzi Urell, and I have had the honor of being invited to read my books and provide dental health education to students in elementary schools from Ohio to California. Who better to provide testimonials regarding the “MOLARTRON & FRIENDS! BASIC SKILLS CLASSROOM PRESENTATION” than the young students themselves?

The following comments are from THANK YOU NOTES from kids around the country, ranging in ages from 5-10 years old. “MolarTron & Friends!” is as always, FOR THE KIDS, BY THE KIDS, so I’ll let the kids speak for themselves! Enjoy!



“Congrats you were tarifec. A-a-a-amasing. I loved I mean it was amasing. Congratsit you are a star.”

“The story is my favorite book. It’s the best book!”

“Thank you for teaching me good stuff for your teeth and bad stuff for your teeth.”

“You are the greatest author I’ve ever seen! You are the best.”

“I like your book. Thank you for coming to are school. I had a good time. You are a grat auhtor. I loved your pitchers.”

“I had a grat time. I love your book.”

“Your story ROCKS!!”

“I love this. It tought little kids an important lesson. Thank you for taking your time to teach kids this lesson.”

“I hope you have a fun time travling to planit to help fends. I wish you good luck.”

“I love your pressetashon. It was cool! LOVE, your fan.”

“I loved this book. It was the best book ever. If I were you I wouldn’t change anything.”

“I think you were really brave to performe in front of like 50 children. You rock.”

“MolarTron you’re the best.”

“I love your book that you read. Xoxox”

“I like it. It was good. The movie was grate.”

“You are cool.”

“Your my best aoughtr. Cool!”

“Thank you for coming to our school. Thanks cause of you I will brush my teeth evrey day.”

“I am skard to go to the dentist. Now I no it is safe to go to the dentist and I love to go to bruch my teeth and I just love it…I just love so so so so so so so so much to brush my teeth so so so much and I love the video so so so so so much and I love you so so so so so so so much.”

“I learnd about what cavitys are now, MolarTron.”

“You are nice. I love your book.”

“I liked efarethang. I love you.”

“I like your book. Your book is grate. You’re a grate author.”

“I like your story. You are fun.”

“Little Mo is cute. I like your book. Your book is funny. I like your pikthrs.”

“You are a veray veray good author. I like the floose fairy. I like Little Mo.”

“I go to the datist. I like your book.”

“I love your book. I love MolarTron.”

“Dear Ms. Susie. The book was awsome!”

“I love your story so much. I would love to watch it every day. Thank you.”

“I like your book os much. Thank you for coming to are school. You are a good auther Susan. I know taht all schools will like your book. And you rate good books.”

“Thank you for letting me read you work it was wonderfull! Well bye! Talk to ya soon! Xoxox”

“I would totally recommend the book to friends!”

“Good book. I understand a lot of it. When’s the next one coming?”

“Where does MolarTron live? Does he have any more friends?”

“Thank you for the funny episod. I loved it so much. It made me want to see more of them.”

“I will take care of my teeth by berushing. Thanks for the goody bag.”

“I liked your presentation and I hope your other classes you go will like it to.”

“That was awsome!”

“I liked it really good. You are the best.”

“I like your character and I will tell everything that you said to everyone I know.”

“I love your storys and your presentations.”

“I like MolarTron. I will take care of my teeth.”

“You are cool. And you are pretty. And you are nice. And you are nice because…you are nice that you came here.”

“Thank you for your time!”

“MolarTron, Floss Fairy and The Blue Beast are the Best!”

“It was asome.”

“I loved your presetation. It was grat and so are you!”

“I loved your book.”

“Is MolarTron real!”

“Your cool.”

“I like it very very very very very very…very very very”

“Thanks MolarTron.”

“You are call.”

“Thanks for the goody bag! Thank you for comeing to our school. I really liked Lucy Toofy.”

“Thanks MolerTron, Lil Mo, Tounga Tounga and Breastl Beast. The whole crew. You’re the best! LOL”