What Kids Have Learned

Hello! I’m Suzi Urell, and I have had the honor of being invited to read my books and provide dental health education to students in elementary schools from Ohio to California. Who better to provide testimonials regarding the “MOLARTRON & FRIENDS! BASIC SKILLS CLASSROOM PRESENTATION” than the young students themselves?

The following comments are FEEDBACK FROM BASIC SKILLS CLASSROOM PRESENTATION from kids around the country, ranging in ages from 5-10 years old. “MolarTron & Friends!” is as always, FOR THE KIDS, BY THE KIDS, so I’ll let the kids speak for themselves! Enjoy!


QUESTION:  What did you learn that you never knew before?

“Plaque uses the restroom.”

“Germs are alive.”

“Put your floss in a C shape.”

“How to floss the right way.”

“I learned that you should brush your teeth for two minutes.”

“There was gum that didn’t have any shuger.”

“That sour is the worst candy for your teeth.”

“How to floss.”

‘Plaque bacterias go potty.”

“I didn’t know if you don’t go to the dentist when you have a cavity it goes down to your hart.”

“To keep your teeth clean or you will get plague.”

“How to floss the right way.”

“I learned that you have to learn to brush everyday.”

“My mom told me this already. But it explained everything better.”

“I never learned about how many cavities you can get.”

“You get holes in your teeth.”

“The thing I learned was to wash your teeth in sirqlues.”

“Cavaties can eat a whole tooth.”

“If you eat too much candy you will get wholes in your teth.”

“That gum can give you cavities.”

“You can get acid on your teeth.”

“You need to floss evey day.”

“I brush my teeth every day.”

“I brush my teeth! And floss day and night!”

“Brush after you eat.”

“Sour candy is the worst.”

“That cavdeys are very bad.”

“That when you eat sweats it is very bad for your teeth.”

“That plak goes potty.”

“That floride is a force field.”

“That there is gum that is good for teeth.”

“Germs go pee.”

“That you sometimes don’t always get your premint teeth.”

“That some baby teeth don’t come out.”

“You have to brush every day.”

“That you can swing floss over your head. That tooth brushes could fly.”

“That you should floss and brush your teeth every day.”

“Brush my teeth more.”

“That you need to flose not only brish our teeth.”

“I learned that when your eating candy your plaq jerms go potty.”

“That you have three sets of molars.”

“I never knew that germs go to the bathroom in your mouth.”

“About “SpyroKeith” and how he works (to cause gum disease).”

“To brush your teeth after you flose.”

“That you get molars, then more, then more.”

“That you had to wrap your floss into a “C” shape.”

“Cavities make holes.”

“That cookies are not good for you.”

“I learn plaques get on your teeth.”

“That you should use the floss that you use with your fingers.”

“I didn’t know that wisdom teeth grow weird.”

“I learned that there is such things as healthy sugar.”

“Fruits are goodies.”

“That we had germs on our gums.”

“To brush your teeth for two minues.”

“There are bad kinds of candy.”

“Eating candy can mess your teeth up.”

“Don’t eat a lot of sweets.”

“I learned that it is very important to brush your teeth.”

“That there is acet that can melt your teeth.”

“Silver teeth could protect other teeth.”

“Your suppose to brush for 2 mins but I brush for 3.”

“That germ go potty when you eat sweets.”

“I have to brush for 2 min.”

“There were plack bug in my teeth.”

“Brush for two minuets.”

“Gum can be good for you.”

“That sugar is not good for your teeth.”

“I didn’t know that cake made your teeth derte.”

“I never knew about plack.”

“That the plack and germs and dekay eat what we eat.”

“The germs stick to your teeth.”

“We need to go to the dentis cus I never went.”

“To brush your teeth.”

“Dentists wear weird glasses.”

“There was a place in your brain that made you want shuger.”

“That you can have holes in your teeth.”

“That you have to floss before you brush your teeth.”

“Sour candy is the wrost for you theeth.”

“Brush your teeth after you eat sweets.”

“You should always brush and floss.”

“To floss your teeth ever time.”

“That sour candy makes plack.”

“You flas befor you brush.”

“Flos ever day!”

“To brush you’re teeth!”

“Never non brush your teeth.”

“Brosh for two minits.”

“Brush your teeth!”

“You should brush after you eat anything.”

“How to brush teeth better.”

“That sour candy is real bad for your teeth.”

“Sugar gives you cavities.”

“That I need to brush my teeth.”

“I learn about to brush your teeths every day.”

“You brush your teeth for 2 awers.”

“It is good to brush for 2 minutes.”

“If you eat a lot of candy your teeth will fall out.”

“Not to eat sour candy.”

“That sour candy is bad.”

“That there is a part in the brain where you want candy.”

“That you should brush.”

“The thing I never learned about plack.”

“That the plaque will go potty.”

“You could have holes.”

“Your teeth could have asid.”

“I learned about cavitys.”

“There is a lot of things make you have cavatys.”

“That those plack thing & I like to eat sweets.”

“That bacteria can cause bad things.”

“DK lives in my mouth.”

“That evil plaks sit on your teeth.”

“You got germs on your teeth.”

“That there is prack in your teeth.”

“Some pickles have suger in them.”

“That all candy makes all that gooey stuff in your teeth.”

“That the white stuff on your teeth is bad.”

“I learned that you need to brush your teeth.”

“That plaque had stages.”

“That the sugary sticky stuff is the worse.”

“I never knew that if you eat candy DK will get in your teeth.”

“That the plack stuff was on my teeth.”

“That DK poops in our teeth.”

“There were such things as cavitys. LOL”

“That they can make dep hols.”

“Candy make gaps in your teeth.”

“Cavitys made hole in your teeth.”

“I never knew that cavities are brown.”

“That you can get holes in your teeth.”

“That you can get holes in your thooth.”

“Teeth have bullies.”

“That cavities were dscusting.”

“The holes in your teeth are gross!”

“That you can get holes and stof on your teeth.”

“That MolarTron was real.”

“I never knew there was a ruler of teeth germs!”