MolarTron & Friends: Helping Kids Stare Dental Fear in the Face!

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MolarTron & Friends: Helping Kids Stare Dental Fear in the Face!

We’ve all heard the expression ‘it’s like pulling teeth.’ Well, that’s exactly how it can feel to get children to go willingly to the dentist.


It’s no secret – many mommies and daddies fear the dentist, so it’s only natural that our little ones aren’t exactly doing cartwheels when it’s their turn.


This is why it is critical to make your child’s visit as relaxing and fun as possible. If you think that’s easier said than done – here are some trusty tips:

Stage a make-believe dental visit with your child.
Let your child experience the visit with you (someone they trust), before they experience it with the real dentist. Allowing your child to see and understand what to expect beforehand – can make a world of difference during your visit.

Choosing a Pediatric Dentist: Check with Family and Friends.
Speaking of trust – when you’re looking for a pediatric dentist reach out to the people you trust – family and friends. You can even ask for a referral from your pediatrician. Don’t forget to ask about training. A pediatric dentist has two additional years of residency training for babies, kids, teens and kids with special needs.

Stay with your child…at least the first few times.
When your child sits in the dental chair for the first time, he or she may experience anxiety no matter how well you’ve prepared for the exam. You can help your child stay relaxed by calmly remaining at their side. Once the mystery is gone (after a few visits), older kids usually do much better (especially behavior-wise) when the parent waits in the waiting room.  Parents can’t be in the room during X-rays at any time, either, so by the 2nd or 3rd appointment, kids are encouraged to come back alone and they usually do great!

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Bring a familiar toy or coloring book as a distraction.
You know what’s a big hit with kids at the dentist? Our FREE downloadable MolarTron activity sheets or maybe one of our books featuring dental super-heroes from Planet Molar X.  The ultimate goal is creating a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Start early.
Introducing your children to good oral hygiene early in life will help them maintain healthy habits as they get older. So what’s an ideal age to start dental care? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a pediatric dental visit by either:

a) The first tooth
b) Your child’s first birthday

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While every child is different, these behavior management techniques can play an enormous role in helping your child eliminate their fear of the dentist. By allowing your child to have a voice in the process, you are setting the tone for a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.