Franklin County Office on Aging and the Columbus Clippers!

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Recently we had the pleasure of joining the Franklin County Office on Aging and attending the Columbus Clippers baseball game!!



JUST SAY NO TO SUGAR!  Sugar makes me soo tired, among many other icky feelings.  Save your teeth, pancreas, and bodies in general!  Tell the Candy Man, “NO THANKS!” Choose whole fruit instead when you want something sweet. 



It was so fun to meet and greet local seniors and provide good health information.





























Many seniors asked about DRY MOUTH, which can be a serious dental hazard.  Many medications can cause dryness of the mouth, including heart medications and anti-depressants.





























Dry mouth can contribute to new cavities, particularly on the roots of teeth.  Dryness can also contribute to halitosis, or bad breath, as well as an increase in plaque and tartar buildup.

There are saliva substitutes available, such as Biotene, which are very helpful in moisturizing the mouth.  Please consult with your dentist regarding recession of the gums, root exposure, root cavities, medications, and dry mouth problems.  

Remember to brush the back of the tongue near the throat to reduce odor-causing bacteria.  They sure do like to hang out back there.  You may need to hold your breath to brush your tongue!!



                  It was a fun day at the ballpark!



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